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About us

Ziklag Systems is a leading global mobile security company based in Washington DC with international offices in Tokyo, Japan; Taicung, Taiwan and Herzlia, Israel.  Our leadership has served in the top echelon of government and industry and is connected world-wide.

Ziklag Systems focuses on the vulnerabilities of mobile platforms and the network systems that support them.  Our company is innovating with mobile security products that are powerful and effective.  We do that by locating security technology from around the globe.  We are interested in what works, and we strive to bring what works to the market.  Our goal is to protect organizations –both government and enterprise– and individuals from being exploited by adversaries and criminals.
Ziklag Systems draws on vast security, government and enterprise expertise and an international network of professionals that understand the threats and the platform vulnerabilities that need to be protected.
Today’s mobile space, which is now hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets, is fraught with threats that come from foreign governments, criminal networks, and hackers.  Attacks on mobile phones can yield huge amounts of data and information.  Live meetings and phone conversations can be secretly recorded. Personal data can be stolen, and hackers and governments can use the mobile phone as an entry point to government, corporate and organization’s computer networks.
A huge industry has sprung up to steal information and re-sell it either in native form or repackaged.  Intellectual property, social information, tax and social security information, patient records, banking data are just some of what can be taken.
Ziklag Systems products are professional grade solutions to the threats rampant in today’s environment.