Protect government, enterprise and individuals
from being exploited by foreign and domestic
adversaries and criminals.

We accomplish this objective by tracking down cutting
edge security technology from around the globe. We
screen powerful, customizable security capabilities
that solve persistent and rapidly evolving problems
in the marketplace.

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Our team has collective experience in Aerospace, Defense, National Security, Intelligence, Advanced Communications, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and the Commercial and Consumer markets.

We understand the threat to U.S. Mobile Communications.

We are the only organization with  first-hand experience in mitigating the risk.


Designed for law enforcement, our advanced mobile security technology is now available to the enterprise. We arm corporate America with advanced encryption technology and double VOIP safeguards, eliminating threats.



FortressFone - The best mobile security system in the world. You own the encryption keys. Third party risk is eradicated. More than a Smartphone, FortressFone is a hardened Android secure communications system, guarding against all internal and external threats. FortressFone features:

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Complete and secured authentication
  • Sealed ports, cameras and USB point of entry
  • Worldwide use
  • Secure SMS
  • Secure email
  • Secure Multimedia
  • Protected File Sharing
  • Clear Voice Transmission
  • Impossible to ghost or clone
  • Self-destruct button

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OfficeAntiSpy protects meetings and safeguards privacy, guarding your phone against spyware, Trojans, Bots and other types of malware; Prevents Smartphone tracking.

  • Password protected software APP using advanced encryption
  • Shuts down the data channel, WIFI, Bluetooth, microphones and cameras
  • Prevents secret recording of proprietary and sensitive information
  • Users can still receive phone calls and text messages


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SecureSMS - A secure text system developed for Android smartphones that works without an intermediate server.

  • Messages stored in encrypted format
  • Advanced encryption automated key exchange
  • Encryption keys are never shared
  • Works with regular texting
  • Secure text messages to one person or multiple users



“I was surprised to learn that even with the latest security apps, my mobile devices can easily be penetrated. The FortressFone is a no –brainer for anyone looking to secure their conversations and data.”

-Chip Shenkan, VP/ General Sales Manager, Gannett Broadcasting


An Impenetrable wall of protection for your company's sensitive data and communications

FortressFone™ is a 100% reengineered and reimagined secure mobile solution. The first truly hardened Android Smartphone, it stops intercepts of all communications and blocks any kind of spying. FortressFone™ is interoperable with secure networks, follows all NSA guidelines for mobile security, and improves on NSA requirements by hardening the operating system kernel, modifying part of the Android OS, and using a Common Criteria approved (EAL-5+) SD card for protecting key materials, encryption algorithms, and related security information.

Bring Complete Mobile Security to Your Enterprise

FortressFone™ creates a global secure environment that guards the enterprise against attack agents that can be launched by hostile organizations.

With high quality voice, secure email, secure messaging, and secure multimedia, risk is eliminated. You never again need to fear to communicate or worry about who is listening.

Reinvented to be Safe

FortressFone™ is the first commercial Smartphone to be completely reengineered to make it safe to use. This Android phone will let you make both secure and public telephone calls, browse the web, and do the things a Smartphone does so well. FortressFone™ is easy to use, requires no training and does not create a management burden. It is safe to carry and use anywhere. The encryption system is completely in the hands of your enterprise. There is no “man in the middle” or third party. You are in full control.


AES encryption standard for voice, data, SMS and email. Strong physical security inside the phone to block hackers and intruders. Complete control over APPS. Secure browser.



FortressFone™ is used by governments, military and law enforcement and private industry worldwide.

FortressFone™ follows the latest design standards for high security systems.

Multiple levels of authentication, hardware protection and communications security are integrated in this product.